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[Dating] 5 (five) ways to get his attention in 72 seconds

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You’ve probably heard that people make split-second decisions when they meet others — especially potential romantic partners. People are indeed very skilled at judging some traits quickly. Sam Gosling, Ph.D., from the University of Texas at Austin recently coauthored a study that revealed, “people get pretty good reads on others for the traits of extraversion, openness to new experiences, likability, and self-esteem” based on their photos alone. But what about when you’re meeting with someone in person for the first time? According to Joe Navarro, nonverbal communication expert and coauthor of What Every BODY is Saying, “You have four opportunities to impress others — at a distance, when you shake hands, as you converse, and as you leave.”

Armed with this knowledge, why not use the first minute or two with your (potential) Mr. Right doing everything, well, right? Here are some great tips for catching his eye — and maybe even his heart — in those crucial early moments.

Here are 5 (five) ways to get his attention in 72 seconds:

  • [spoiler=Relax and use humor to break the ice]Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that flirting isn’t rocket science. Chances are that guy wants to meet you, too. Brian Hayford, 29, an artist in Wisconsin, says that all you need to do in order to draw him in is “smile and make a witty comment that’s funny, but not overly mean.” Steer clear of touchy subjects, like politics, when you first meet new people. Instead, joke about your surroundings or popular culture. When you’re tempted to say something ribald or outrageous to get attention, Sam Gosling suggests that you proceed with caution: “With the right cheeky glint in her eye, a woman could probably pull it off — but it would be harder [than for a man] because expectations for what counts as acceptable behavior are quite different for men and women.” Boothman agrees: “Everyone likes witty and funny/smart people, but the tone should stay lighthearted — no one likes people who are too aggressive in their opinions or use vulgar language, gestures or anecdotes.” In other words, it’s OK to let your inner Lisa Lampanelli out…but wait until after you’ve gotten to know someone first.[/spoiler]
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