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XHanch Social Network (XHanch SN) – Professional, Powerful, And Lightweight Social Media / Micro Blogging Website Script

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Are you looking for a powerful and professional social networking and micro blogging solution?

Xhanch Social Network (Xhanch SN) is the best choice for you by providing and spoiling your members with a rich-featured social networking and micro blogging website.

XHanch Social Network (XHanch SN)

Xhanch SN is a powerful and professional social networking and micro blogging solution which is designed to be implemented for your school environment, college environment, office environment or any social groups of yours.

Technology Used By XHanch SN

XHanch SN has been completed with a numerous powerful features to spoil your members. Most of the web pages implement AJAX for quick navigation and to provide a lightweight and powerful website. Also, Xhanch SN uses valid XHTML for all of the web pages to ensure cross-browser compatibility. It has been tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera with a very satisfying result and performance.

The architecture of Xhanch SN consists of 5 layers, which are:

  • Database Layer
  • Xhanch Framework Layer
  • Business Logic (API) Layer
  • Page Structure Layer
  • Theme Layer

With this kind of architecture, it is guaranteed that Xhanch SN is designed to be very scalable and maintainable.

Xhanch SN implements optimized queries to provide quick data retrieval and to reduce the load/burden of database server and to support massive records.

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