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[Tutorial] Determine your webpage thumnbail for Facebook share

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It is like whenever we share a web page's URL on Facebook, it suggests some thumbnail images to be associated with the URL we have specified.

Whenever I was sharing a URL, it used to suggest me images from what Facebook had cached earlier from my website. This is probably because its system was not able to identify the best image on my page which i would like it to show up with the link. Hence, I always used some unrelated thumbnail picture.

But there is a solution to make Facebook know about the best image you would like to be associated with the specific URL.

You can specify a META tag on your web page and specify the FULL path of the best image for that particular page. Doing this, Facebook will always know about the image you want to show as thumbnail with the URL.

<meta property="og:image" content="url-of-page-thumbnail"/>
Posted : 14/01/2012 10:13 am

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