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[Info] ASCII characters pronunciation

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As programmers, we deal with a lot of unusual keyboard characters that typical users rarely need to type, much less think about:

$ # % {} * [] ~ & <>

Even the characters that are fairly regularly used in everyday writing -- such as the humble dash, parens, period, and question mark -- have radically different meaning in programming languages.

This is all well and good, but you'll eventually have to read code out loud to another developer for some reason. And then you're in an awkward position, indeed.

How many of these ASCII pronunciations do you recognize? Which ones are the "correct" ones in your shop?

  • [spoiler=[ ]]Common names: opening / closing bracket, left / right bracket, left / right square bracket, bracket / unbracket
    Rare names: square / unsquare, u turn / u turn back [/spoiler]
Topic starter Posted : 15/04/2011 7:04 pm

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