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Are you planning to run an online manga/manhwa/comics/komik reader/viewer or photos/pictures/images album gallery Website website with the easiest, fastest, friendliest and professional way?

We offer our WP Manga as the solution. WP Manga is a commercial manga WordPress plugin developed by Xhanch Studio. WP Manga is completed with a user friendly and powerful managers to manage your contents. Since it is a WordPress plugin, you can easily set it up just in several steps. You will also be able to choose thousands of free themes available or you can use your own theme and you can use other plugins to enhance your website in the easiest way. For example: you can use WP Super Cache to speed the load of your website, ads manager and so on.

What can WP Manga be used?

Well, WP Manga can be used for other than manga reading website. You can also use this script for serials comic, comic strips, images/photos/pictures albums/galleries, portfolios, and other website types with similar concept.


  • Recent manga updates/recent chapters for homepage with AJAX rating system for each chapter, viewer statistics and date added.
  • Manga list page to list down all available mangas with AJAX rating system for each manga, viewer statistics, flags(new/updated) and date updated. You can also sort the mangas by name, last updated, top rating, most popular, and other sorter fields. You can also show people/author/artist/publisher/character’s profile/detail when filtered by people/author/artist/publisher/character
  • Manga Detail to show a complete information of a manga (cover picture, author, categories, status, description, viewer statistics, AJAX rating, date added and list of available chapters with detailed information for each chapter
  • Manga Chapter Preview to display the chapter’s content images in thumbnails mode (this page is optional, you can disable this page if you want).
  • Manga Reader to display the chapter’s content page by page with easy navigation system (keyboard shortcuts for visitor navigations and automated image enlarge system (for wide images) are also available). There are 2 available mode of manga chapter reading: multiple pages reading or single page reading. Multiple pages reading will provide a page for every chapter image. Single page reading will provide a single page for every chapter. You can easily switch the reading mode from multiple pages to single page and vice versa.
  • Manga Advanced Search to provide a powerful, complex, flexible, and user friendly search system.
  • Manga Explorer/Browser by alphabets or categories, which is a widget, to search for manga in a quick way (either traditional mode or AJAX mode, you can choose what to use).
  • Manga Search, which is a widget, that provide a search textbox with auto complete/auto suggest feature
  • Manga of the Week, which is a widget, to show the most popular manga within a previous week.
  • Manga List widget to list down a number of manga series (most popular, recently updated, last added, top rated) based on widget configurations
  • New Chapters, which is a widget, to list down newly added manga chapters
  • Manga Statistic, which is a widget, to display complete and detailed manga statistics (total all/ongoing/completed/halt mangas, total categories, total tags, total all/published/coming soon/unpublished/waiting for approval/update-requested chapters, total views, total votes)
  • Slide show (image slider), which is a widget, to display an animated images/banners slide show
  • Connect manga to ecommerce website in order to sell download-able version or printed version
  • Recently added manga chapters RSS Feed. WP Manga has rss feeds for the whole mangas and for each manga.
  • Recently updated manga series sitemap to provide an XML sitemap for certain amount of recently updated series.
  • Recently published chapters series sitemap to provide an XML sitemap for certain amount of new chapters.
  • WP Manga Dashboard that manga statistics (total all/ongoing/completed/halt mangas, total categories, total tags, total all/published/coming soon/unpublished/waiting for approval/update-requested chapters, total views, total votes) with proper links to show and manage the listings
  • Add/edit/delete/search/list manga
  • Add/edit/delete/search/list manga chapters and the contents. WP Manga provides a powerful AJAX image uploader interface that allows admin to upload/delete multiple images (admin can easily drag drop the image files to upload). As an alternative, you can also compress all contents/images of a chapter into a zip file and perform a single upload. The uploaded files can be deleted via this page too. Or, instead of files uploading, you can simply list down the image URLs for a chapter.
  • Add/edit/delete/search/list manga tags
  • Add/edit/delete/search/list manga categories
  • Add/edit/delete/search/list manga people (author, artist, publisher, character)
  • Add/edit/delete/search/list slide shows
  • Customize/search/list email templates
  • Configuration system. With this configuration center, you can easily configure your manga website (ex: modify upload settings, enable the resizer feature, choose a WP manga theme, change WP manga language, page title and meta description formatting, access controls, page setup and so on).
  • Manga random selection/suggestion, to automatically pick a random manga for your visitor
  • Manga ranking system. Mangas are ranked by their total views. Rankings of mangas are updated once a day
  • Inline manga detail pop up when mouse hover on manga name
  • Auto tweet new chapters and mangas to your Twitter account
  • Automatically create daily blog posts to list down daily new chapters and mangas
  • Automated image resizing and image quality degrade. This feature is optional. Your mangas can be automatically resized based on the provided max width and max height. You can lower the quality too to lower the image size.
  • Automated images watermarking. This feature is optional. Your manga series can be automatically watermarked with a provider image and determined position.
  • Automated manga ranking system based on total views
  • Automated broken image notifications that will be sent to your mail.
  • Provide rating and breadcrumb micro data to improve search engines’ search results appearance.
  • Automatically saved your images as progressive(for JPEG/JPG) or interlaced to improve image load time. This feature is optional
  • Automatically ping to popular search engines (Google, Bing/MSN, Yahoo, and so on) when new chapters or series are added
  • Time localization
  • Intensive caching system

Other Benefits

These are guaranteed benefits for our customers who purchased WP Manga:

  • 7 days FREE upgrades/updates: we will improve WP Manga to make it even powerful in the future and our customers will get these updates/upgrades for free
  • 7 days FREE support: just contact us if you have any question, problem, or suggestion regarding WP Manga
  • We may do some modifications requested by you: we may do these custom requests for free or for extra charges as it will improve WP Manga

Have something to ask?

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