Xhanch API – Islamic Get Prayer Time

Xhanch API – Islamic Get Prayer Time is a public API to retrieve a monthly Islamic prayer time based on longitude, latitude, year, month, and gmt. It will returns daily times for fajr, sunrise, zuhr, asr, maghrib, and isha.

API Call Syntax


  • <longitude>; required; longitude coordinate of a location
  • <latitude>; required; latitude coordinate of a location
  • <year>; required; year of the prayer time
  • <month>; required; month of the prayer time
  • <gmt>; required; timezone of a location
  • <mode>; xml or json; optional; default is xml; api result mode that you prefer

Example of Use

Click the link to view the result of these API call samples
http://api.xhanch.com/islamic-get-prayer-time.php?lng=127&lat=90&yy=2010&mm=3&gmt=2 (XML)
http://api.xhanch.com/islamic-get-prayer-time.php?lng=127&lat=90&yy=2010&mm=3&gmt=2&m=json (JSON)

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6 Responses to “Xhanch API – Islamic Get Prayer Time”

  1. Ashraf Ali says:

    Any chance you’ll release the PHP source code?

  2. Haroon says:

    I’am looking for a service, similar to yours. I would like to get API for integrating to get the salat times runtime.

    We are building a solution, in which we would like to show the salat strart times for 5 times, if possible the moon (Lunar) positions.

    Let me know, how we can work together to develop a solution.

    Many thnaks


  3. akashi says:

    how about the method of calculation? afaik, some places use different calculation method. could we select the calculation method?

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