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Settings and Configuration

Once this plugin installed, My Twitter will be listed on your widgets so you can determine where to place it. The configuration page can be found on the left menu, Xhanch -> My Twitter

Add Profiles

Profile name must only contain alphanumeric characters (A to Z and 0 to 9).
Profile name will identify every Xhanch – My Twitter widgets.

Profile Configuration

Widget Setting

  • Title: optional, the title of the widget
  • Name: optional, your name
  • Header style: required, choose one of available header styles that suits your taste
  • Turn title to link: optional, check it to convert the widget title into click-able link
  • Header text: optional, add some text (can contain HTML codes) before the tweets list. There are some available variables related to your twitter account that can be placed on this part.
  • Footer text: optional, add some text (can contain HTML codes) after the tweets list. There are some available variables related to your twitter account that can be placed on this part.

Tweet Settings

  • Username: required, username of your twitter account. Please don;t use your twitter’s email address
  • Password: optional, password of your twitter account to enable more functionalities
  • Tweet order: required, you may display your tweets from oldest to latest or from latest to oldest
  • # Latest tweets: required, maximum number of tweets to show
  • Inc. replies to you: optional, check it to display/hide or include/exclude replies from other members to you
  • Inc. replies from you: optional, check it to display/hide or include/exclude your replies to other members
  • Inc. retweet: optional, check it to display/hide or include/exclude your retweets
  • Show origin retweet: optional, check it to display/show the original retweeted tweets
  • Date format: required, hide the date or display the date in a preferable format. My Twitter provides quite a complete collections on how to display the post date.
  • GMT add: optional, put in the difference (in minutes) between the displayed time and your local timezone.
  • Tweet layout: required, determine how should Xhanch – My Twitter display your tweet. There are several useful variables provided, which are: @name, @name_plain, @tweet, @date, @source, @reply_url, @reply_link, @retweet_url, @retweet_link and @status_url
  • Show Divider Line: optional, check it to display a divider line between the tweets in the list.
  • Click-able URL: optional, check it to convert URLs in your tweets into click-able links.
  • Click-able user tag: optional, check it to convert user tags (@user) into click-able links.
  • Click-able hash tag: optional, check it to convert hash tags (#topic) into click-able links.
  • Display URL as: optional, check it to replace the links to a text when displaying your tweets.
  • Show hash tag: optional, check it to show the hash tags when displaying your tweets.
  • Show avatar: optional, check it to show avatar for each tweets
  • Avatar size: optional, set the avatar’s size. If you want to use the default size, just leave these settings blank/empty
  • Enable cache: optional, check it to activate the cache system
  • Cache expiry: optional, how many minutes will the cached tweets be considered as expired. It will refresh the cache as it gets expired
  • Import tweets every: determine the period/interval (in minutes) to import your tweets to the database.
  • Truncate tweet after: optional, show certain amount of characters of your tweet. Set it to “0” to disable this tweet truncating
  • Ellipsis: optional. The value of this setting will be displayed for every truncated tweet

Advanced Features
You will need to create a Twitter application or you can use an existing one if you already have it. Don’t worry, it should be very simple. Just follow the provided steps on the configuration page.
If you successfully get connected, you can also make a tweet from your website where you place the widget if you are logged in as administrator.

  • Show post a tweet form: optional, check it to display a form to post a new tweet/status when you are currently logged in to your WordPress website as Administrator
  • Show direct messages: optional, check it to display your direct message
  • Post a tweet as you publish a new page/post: optional, check it to automatically post a tweet as you publish a new page/post
  • Auto Tweet layout: optional, format the content of your auto tweet

Display Mode

  • Selected Theme: required, determine how your tweets will be displayed.

Scrolling option (only applied when selected mode is scrolling)

  • Area Height: required when scrolling mode is enabled, specify the max height or the tweets list are to display a scroll bar. So, the scroll bar will only appear when the height of the list has reached or over this value.
  • Animate scrolling: optional, check it to animate the scrolling mode
  • Scroll amount: required when animate scrolling is enabled, this is the height (px) to be scrolled for every ms specified in scroll delay. For example, if the scroll amount is 2, then it will scroll up for 2px for every ms specified in scroll delay.
  • Scroll delay: required when animate scrolling is enabled, this is to determine the speed of scrolling. Its value is in milliseconds ms).
  • Scroll direction: required when animate scrolling is enabled, this is to determine the direction of scrolling.


  • Custom CSS: optional, add CSS codes to personalize/modify the look of the widget.

Other Settings

  • Open link on new tab: optional, check it to make all links to be opened on new tab or window.
  • Show credit: optional, give us a back link. (We will appreciate those who give us a credit as your gratitude)


If you want to thank us, you may consider activating the “Display Credit” option or make a donation to us. Thanks!

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