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Xhanch – My Twitter is a Twitter plugin for WordPress (blog) which is made by Xhanch Studio to show/hide or include/exclude your latest tweets, replies from other members to you, replies from you to other members, retweets, and direct messages.

This Twitter plugin for WordPress is also can be used as a tool to post a tweet/status directly from your website where you place the widget when you are currently logged in as an administrator.

You can also set this plugin to automatically post a tweet as you publish a new page/post.

This Twitter plugin is very flexible and customizable. You can customize it with our predefined customizations settings/options easily and it can be displayed via sidebar, post or page. You can also display your tweets in static mode or scrolling mode.

As another advantage, this Twitter plugin/widget is light weight and completed with cache system to provide a fast performance and to reduce your server load.

Another great feature is multiple profiles system. With this, you can show/display multiple widgets of several Twitter accounts as many as you want on your WordPress website.

Enjoy and give a feedback :)

Download - WordPress Plugin - Xhanch - My Twitter - Latest Version


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