WP Plugin – My Quote – Show Your Custom and Famous People Random Quotes

My Quote is a free WordPress plugin/widget made by Xhanch Studio to show a random quote on your WordPress blog with provided predefined quotes or your own collections. The collections of quotes are expandable for sure. We will keep adding more collections to the database.

With this plugin, you can provide useful and worthy knowledge, words and information to your visitor. Else, your website will be more dynamic and more keyword-rich since the content of every pages of your WordPress website will keep changing due to this plugin.

WP Plugin - My Quote - Preview

Installation Procedure

  1. Download and unzip the package.
  2. Upload/FTP the entire “xhanch-my-quote” directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your blog
  3. Activate the plugin on the “Plugins” tab of the administration panel.
  4. Put “Xhanch – My Quote” widget to a sidebar.
  5. Open the widget options and put in your details

Widget Settings

Once this plugin installed, My Quote will be listed on your widgets so you can determine where to place it. The widget contain several settings

WP Plugin - My Quote - Widget Setting

Settings explanation:

  1. Title: optional, the title of the widget
  2. Display Credit: optional, give us a back link

How to Add My Own Quotes?

Hack #1 (Recommended)

  • Create a file with extension “.db.php” on your local computer (for example: sample.db.php)
  • Fill the file with this default content
    $db = array(
  • You can add more quotes by adding lines to the middle part so it will look like this
    $db = array(
    ‘quote3 new quote’,
    ‘quote4 new quote’,
  • Save the file
  • Upload it to your server into this directory “/wp-content/quote” (you need to create the quote directory first)
  • Done!

Hack #2

  • You can add your own quotes by using plugin editor.
  • From the left admin menus, choose “Plugins” -> “Editor”.
  • select the plugin “My Quote” and click “Select” button.
  • From the plugin files listed on the right, quotes database files are ended with extension “.db.php”
  • Click any of those database files you want to modify (adding, modify or removing quotes)
  • Click “Update File” button as you finished editing


Please drop by to our Xhanch – My Quote forum to share or get more information.


Click here to download the latest version of Xhanch – My Quote


If you want to thank us, you may consider activating the “Display Credit” option or make a donation to us. Thanks!

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100 Responses to “WP Plugin – My Quote – Show Your Custom and Famous People Random Quotes”

  1. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.2.8 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Serj Tankian)

  2. marjinal says:

    hi there .thanks for plugin, Does anybody know if tis script is compatible with WordPress 2.9 ? Thanks in advance for any help on this! Regards

  3. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.2.9 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche)

  4. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.0 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Janis Joplin)

  5. 松娃 says:


  6. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.1 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Sarah Silverman)

  7. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.2 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from George Bernard Shaw)

  8. Doug Smith says:

    Is it possible to remove some of the quote databases without affecting operation of the program? I want to limit the quotes to specific people or perhaps just ones specific to the site.

  9. Doug Smith says:

    It is working fine with my 2.9.2 blog.

  10. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.3 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Gordon B. Hinckley)

  11. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.4 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Charles Darwin)

  12. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.5 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added more quotes from Confucius)

  13. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.6 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Pablo Picasso)

  14. John says:

    How do I change the font size of the quote? I don’t want to change the font size of the sidebar because that will change every plugin in the sidebar, rather than just the quote.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    • Susanto BSc says:

      You could modify style.css located on your active theme’s directory
      Just add this code


      Note: you’ll have to reload (CTRL+F5) the web page to get the latest css and not the cached one

  15. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.7 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Plato)

  16. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.8 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added more quotes from Albert Einstein)

  17. SFGolfer says:

    Lets stop updating the quotes database and instead provide a mechanism to not delete the custom quotes we put in. Otherwise, using the automatic upgrade in WP is pointless.

  18. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.3.9 is released
    * Quotes database updated (added quotes from Donald Trump)

  19. law says:

    I love the plugin, but Chinese cannot be display properly with your plugin. Any way we can work it out?

  20. Leanna says:

    I created my own db file. When I delete all the others, my widget disappears. I’ve tried reinstalling. What am I missing?

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