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WP Online Store – A Simple Online Store

Are you planning to sell your products online in a simple way?

We offer our WP Online Store as the solution. WP Online Store is a commercial WordPress plugin developed by Xhanch Studio. Since it is a WordPress plugin, you can easily set it up just in several steps. You will also be able to choose thousands of free themes available or you can use your own theme and you can use other plugins to enhance your website in the easiest way. For example: you can use WP Super Cache to speed the load of your website, ads manager and so on.


You can use this plugin to sell books, CD/DVD, accessories, clothes, and other products.

Live site

Charu Toys
PC Gameku

General Features

  • Order Form
    We provide a very simple order form (AJAX) that does not require your buyers to log in.
  • Payment Confirmation Form
    Buyer can fill this form to confirm his/her payment.
  • Delivery Receipts/Slips
    List your delivery slips to let your buyer knows that his/her order has been processed and being delivered.
  • Multiple Categories
    Categorize your products into categories for easy navigation.
  • Product Manager
    Manage your products easily.
  • Sales Manager
    Manage your sales easily.
  • Delivery Cost
    Define your target markets locations and the costs so the delivery cost will be automatically summarized ad included on the order form.
  • Affiliate System
    Allow members to promote your website and gain commission from affiliates’ generated sales.
  • Cash Out
    Provide an interface for member to request commission cash out.
  • Automated Member System
    Visitor with a certain purchase amount will be automatically get a member account to have a special discount.
  • Emails Notifications
    Get notified via email for every new orders, payment confirmations, payment receipts, delivery slip.
  • Sales Export/Mass Delete
    Archieve and delete your old sales data.
  • Testimonials
    Let your buyer submit testimonials for you
  • Stable and Reliable
    WP Onlien Store has been tested very well.
  • Template system
    Template system make you easier to modify/customize the look of your website. With this, you can even have a completely different layout/presentation. Therefore, you can personalize your own ecommerce website.
  • Add On/Module system (Modular)
    WP Online Store is a modular and extensible WordPress plugin since it has its own module/add on system. To add new features, you may just purchase and install required modules/add ons.
  • Clean Code
    WP Online Store is very well written and applies good coding structure that makes it stable and maintainable. It consists of several layers to handle the core process, theme system, module/add on system, page, and widgets
  • Feels the power of WordPress
    You can add WordPress plugins (to add banners/ads, integrated forum, contact form, google analytics, cache system, SEO plugins, quote of the day, chat, and lots more) to make your website even more contented, powerful, rich-features.

Other Benefits

These are guaranteed benefits for our customers who purchased WP Online Store:

  • FREE upgrades/updates: we will improve WP Online Store to make it even powerful in the future and our customers will get these updates/upgrades for free
  • FREE support: just contact us if you have any question, problem, or suggestion regarding WP Online Store
  • We may do some modifications requested by you: we may do these custom requests for free or for extra charges as it will improve WP Online Store

Have something to ask?

Feel free to send your question or order request to admin@xhanch.com
or, you may visit our forum to find more information or to ask something

Interested to purchase/buy this script?

Please send your order request to admin@xhanch.com

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