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I would like your help again XD so I’m very happy with the result was better than I expected, I’d like to get some details and finalize the translation.
– RebManga, Moises Fernandes Barbosa (WP Manga Pro Package) –

Going through the script, I’m really happy with it at this point. It’s almost perfect.
– Shoupz, Andy Huynh (WP Manga Standard Package) –

Very reliable …
– Delicious Manga, Susan Nguyen (WP Manga Pro Package) –

Your newest version looks great and I like the back-end a lot. Thanks for all the other things, you’ve been great.
– Revolution Manga, Revolution Anime (WP Manga Standard Package) –

Easy to install, easy to use, and customizable! Not to mention a very reasonable price! I am really very glad finding this one
– Manga Test, Manuelito Milo (WP Manga Core Package) –

I am very glad that I bought WP Manga form you. It is amazing and very easy because of that good script.
– Arabic Manga Plus Online, Mohammed Almasoud (WP Manga Pro Package + Multi Language Module + Mangas Per Member Module) –

This has to be the most awesome script I’ve ever seen. It’s totally automated which is incredible. I’ve put it up on a test site for the admins and tried it out.
– Robert Segal (WP Manga Pro Package) –

Thank you so much for your help setting up my website. This seller is very supportive. A++ seller.
– MangaPick, Antonius Christianto (WP Manga Standard Package + Multi Language Module) –

… Thank you for your assistance and hard work so far. I am very impressed with this plugin and shall watch your future releases with keen interest.
– Stephen Carney (WP Manga Standard Package) –

Got it, thanks a lot, the plugin is awesome! I saw the work you did in the resize feature, and it’s great…
– Fausto Gabiou (WP Manga Core Package) –

Many thanks… Thank you for such a good supports
– Malaysia Central, Gerry Evans (WP Manga Core Package) –

Thanks a lot! Quick support! Now, it works with all the themes I have tested!
– Manuelito Milo (WP Manga Core Package) –

Thank for your help! It’s working perfectly.
– Huyen Chau (WP Manga Standard Package) –

This is the first time I purchase a script online and I have no regret at all purchasing your script. I even get a free quick course of WordPress :).
– Davin (WP Manga Standard Package) –

Great! It works … By the way how easy is translating the whole thing in another language? our website wont be in english…
– Ahmad Al Yaaqba (WP Manga Pro Package) –

Awesome! Thanks a bunch! …. You’ve made many new updates.
– Amad Ali (WP Manga Basic Package) –

Cool! Perhaps you can also provide a similar module for Joomla …
– Yudhistira Adi Nugroho (WP Manga Standard Package) –

And many more …

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