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WP Scritter – Allow Your Scritter Members To Connect Their Accounts With Their WordPress Blogs

Do you use Scritter? Do you want to provide more features to your members and let them help you to promote your twitter website?

We offer our WP Scritter as the solution. WP Scritter is a commercial WordPress plugin developed by Xhanch Studio. This plugin is modified from our Twitter plugin -> Xhanch – My Twiter. You will not only get the plugin, you will also get our custom made API for your Scritter website.

By providing this feature to your members, your members will automatically help you to promote your Scritter website. This plugin will be personalized based on your Scritter website name

Features List

  • Display a number of latest tweets
  • Post a tweet as you post/pusblish a new page/post
  • Display/hide or include/exclude replies from other members to you
  • Display/hide or include/exclude replies from you to other members
  • Post a tweet/status from your website where the widget is placed (The form to post a tweet/status will only available/appear if you are already logged in to your wordpress as administrator).
  • Display/hide user’s profile picture/avatar or you may just show the name instead of picture
  • Changeable avatar’s size
  • Display/hide post date(changeable format and layout)
  • Display date time based on timezone setting on your WordPress
  • Convert all url, @username, #tag(hash tags) to click-able links
  • Convert URLs to click-able links
  • Connect to your Scritter account for more functionality
  • Flexible way to show your tweets since you can arrange your tweet content
  • Show how/where a tweet is posted
  • Multi widget support
  • Multiple profile system that will let you put multiple WP Scritter widgets with separate settings for each widget. Each new profile will provide a new WP Scritter widget
  • Retweet link for every status
  • Status Reply link for every status
  • View Status link for every status
  • Cache System; activate it via the configuration page
  • Display a number of your followers, total statuses/tweets, favorites, and friends
  • Display your join date and full name on Scritter
  • Shortcode is available to display your tweet list within a post or page.
  • Tweet ordering: you may display your tweets from oldest to latest or from latest to oldest
  • Convert smilies/emoticon syntax to smilies/emoticon images
  • Display custom texts(can be HTML code) before and after the tweets list.
  • Wrap long word in tweets into multiple lines so that it won’t be displayed outside the box/area anymore
  • Choose one of available header styles that suits your taste
  • Generates very clean, table-less and valid W3C XHTML codes.
  • You can activate scrolling mode to save space on your webpage and to display more tweets
  • Personalize the layout of the widget by adding custom CSS codes
  • Theme friendly
  • Optimized and very efficient SQL queries and performance

Have something to ask?

Feel free to send your question or order request to admin@xhanch.com
You may also visit our WP Scritter forum.

Interested to purchase/buy this script?

Please send your order request to admin@xhanch.com or you can purchase it via our store

Click here to purchase WP Scritter

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  1. Susanto BSc says:

    WP Scritter 1.0.0 is released
    – Initial release

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