WordPress Plugin – My Advanced Settings – Provide Extra Settings For Your WordPress Website

Settings and Configuration

Once this plugin installed, the configuration page can be found on the left menu, Xhanch -> My Adv. Settings

  • Disable wp auto p?: optional, check provided checkboxes to stop WordPress to automatically add paragraph or <p> tags to your posts/pages/comments.
  • Disable content texturize?: optional, check provided checkboxes to stop WordPress to automatically clean up your posts/pages/comments. WP Texturize can be frustrating since you may not get what you are trying to achieve from your HTML code.
  • Disable characters conversion?: optional, check provided checkboxes to stop WordPress to automatically stop WordPress to automatically convert special characters in your posts/pages/comments to its HTML mode.
  • Disable post/page revision logging?: optional, check it to stop WordPress to automatically store post/page revisions records (logs/history) that will mostly be junks to your database. WordPress creates new records everytime you make new changes to a post or page. This WordPress feature will result in junks to your database.
  • Disable the TinyMCE/visual rich text editor: optional, check it to disable tinyMCE or visual rich text editor when you want to add/edit post or page.
  • Disable/hide WordPress canonical URL: optional, check it to disable disable/hide WordPress canonical URL on your page headers.
  • Enable shortcode on text widgets?: optional, check it to enable Text widget to run shortcodes. By default, shortcode will not be parsed on Text widget
  • Disable/hide WordPress canonical URL: optional, check it to disable disable/hide WordPress admin bar URL on your page top.
  • Hide WP Admin bar on top?: optional, check it to display total number of SQL queries that have been executed during a page generation
  • Favicon URL: optional, fill in with complete URL of your Favicon file
  • Google analytics account ID: optional, your account ID can be found on your analytic JavaScript code. In the JavaScript you can see your account ID in a format like UA-??????-?
  • Show SQL query error: optional, this will show hidden errors during SQL queries executions
  • Show credit: optional, give us a back link. (We will appreciate those who give us a credit as your gratitude)

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13 Responses to “WordPress Plugin – My Advanced Settings – Provide Extra Settings For Your WordPress Website”

  1. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.0 is released
    – Initial Release

  2. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.1 is released
    – Modified configuration page
    – Added new option to disable characters conversion

    PS: for those who perform an upgrade, you may need to reconfigure your settings since there is some changes in how the configurations are stored to database on this version

  3. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.2 is released
    – Restructured admin pages to support older WordPress version

  4. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.3 is released
    – Added new option to to show total number of executed SQL queries to build a web page

  5. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.4 is released
    – Added new option is add/insert a favicon for your blog/website

  6. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.5 is released
    – Added new option to insert google analytics

  7. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.6 is released
    – Added new option to disable the TinyMCE/visual rich text editor

  8. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.7 is released
    – Added a feature to update your ping sites/update services with 200+ of ping sites/update services

  9. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.8 is released
    – Added an option to disable/hide canonical URL

  10. Ferik says:

    Error line135:
    file: xhanch-my-advanced-settings.php


    replace with:

    bye 🙂

  11. Ferik says:

    this simple error is in the version 1.0.8

  12. Susanto BSc says:

    version – 1.0.9 is released
    – Quick fix due to wrong function name

  13. Vamban says:

    Did the great job and your plugin features many plugin functionality in one plugin. Thanks man.

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