Web Server: Cannot Receive Email “550 550 Unrouteable address (state 14)”

Having problem with web server is really frustrating. This is what had just happened to me. I suddenly cannot receive email for all emails under my domain name. I tries to send an email from my gmail and yahoo but I keep getting an email mentioning “550 550 Unrouteable address (state 14)“. I am using Exim 4 as mail mail server and dovecot on Centos 5 operating system. Hopefully my trick works for other server environment.

Since I really needed the email accounts so I have to find a solution ASAP. It took me hours to googling without having my problem fixed. I tried to delete the email account and create it again. I also tried to modify the DNS records and lots more. It is really frustrating since none of them could fix my problem.

I gave up and decided to contact my hosting provider. He mentions something about /etc/valiases, when I check that directory I cannot find my domain there. So, since my domain is xhanch.com, I create a new file xhanch.com. As the content, I put *: your_cpanel_user_name. Then, I save the file and upload it to/etc/valiases.

And…. voila! My email works normally again.

During my quest finding the solution for this issue, perhaps these hacks can fix the problem too.

The first hack is moving your domain to a new CPanel account. Via Web Host Manager (WHM), create a new account then move your files to the new account. After that, you can start creating email accounts. Hope this work.

This issue can also be caused by invalid/nonexistence MX record. You can find article via Google about adding an MX record of your domain.

That’s all I can share. Hopefully it helps you

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Posted on 2010-09-20 by Susanto BSc in Article, Web Server
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