PHP Script – Google Page Rank (PR) Checker

Google Page Rank (PR) Checker is a tool to check page rank of a URL of a web page of a website. FYI, every web page can have different page rank even tough the pages are on the same domain.

So, have you ever imagined to have your own dynamic Google page rank (PR) checker for your website? Now, we will expose the script to calculate page rank of a URL. With this, you will not need to use similar services provided by third-party. The script is written in PHP and it is working fine and accurately. So, what you need to do is just copy this script into a PHP file and save it and upload it to your web server and it is ready to use.

If you don’t care about the script and just want to use this service, you just need to copy and paste the following code into your web page code.

Page Rank Checker

Type your page URL:

(Press enter if you have finished typing your URL and wait for a moment)

Here’s the result:

Page Rank

Get the script/source code here,42.0.html

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17 Responses to “PHP Script – Google Page Rank (PR) Checker”

  1. ricky rdX says:

    thanks for sharing..
    Very easy guide

  2. tikus says:

    nice coding, need that script

  3. Excellent, nice share.. Thanks for this i was about to purchase this kind of scripts until i saw this posted on DP.


  4. Awesome! This is the best PHP PR checker script out there from what I could find!


  5. Pagerank says:

    Amazing script this will be great for my website.

  6. There is a problem with the script.
    it seems that the hashing function causing UpperCase letters found within a url as in for ex:
    to be LowerCase based hence preventing from the script to display PR results

  7. sorry, my bad. the php script doesn’t work when the url is built of dynamic parameters containing the symbol ‘&’

  8. Here is an example:
    The following URL,

    has a PR 3, but the above script doesn’t seem to present the PR value as a result of the symbol ‘&’ found within the URL.

    Good Luck :)

  9. sulap says:

    worth to try this is the one that i’m looking for. I don;t understand the php program it should help us.


  10. Chris says:

    Awesome! Works flawlessly!

  11. Andrei says:

    I have searched it a lot!
    Nice code!

    An example with sligthely modified code (result as table, but not an image)


  12. don Vo says:

    Great script for my site

  13. fashion 2011 says:

    apakah ada pengaruh terhadap loading website kita bro setelah penambahan scriptnya?
    btw ini ada efek tambahannya terhadap kualitas web dimata search engine setelah penambahan kode tsb?
    thanks bro

  14. guest says:

    first script that works, ty

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