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Are you planning to run an online manga/manhwa/comics/komik reader/viewer or photos/pictures/images album gallery Website website with the easiest, fastest, friendliest and professional way?

We offer our WP Manga as the solution. WP Manga is a commercial manga WordPress plugin developed by Xhanch Studio. The best part of it is to let you have a fully automated manga website (with our crawler engine), so that you don’t have to add manga and contents manually. Though, you still can add manga and chapters manually. WP Manga is completed with a user friendly and powerful managers to manage your contents. Since it is a WordPress plugin, you can easily set it up just in several steps. You will also be able to choose thousands of free themes available or you can use your own theme and you can use other plugins to enhance your website in the easiest way. For example: you can use WP Super Cache to speed the load of your website, ads manager and so on.

With this solution, you can easily own a manga website with thousands of manga/manhwa/comics/komik series and photos/pictures/images albums gallery

Other Usage

Well, this script can be used for other than manga website. You can also use this script for comic or comic strips, images/photos/pictures albums/galleries, portfolios, and other website types with similar concept.

Websites that use WP Manga

Here are some of our clients:

General Features

  • Lots of manga sources to allow you to have over thousands of mangas
    We provide optional scrapper module with lots purchasable scrapper engine add-ons which would allow you to have thousands of manga series. We will keep building new engines so you can have even more mangas series for your website. You can even determine whether to store the scrapped images on your server or not (Mirrored). If not, the script will only stores image URLs so the manga reader will load the images directly from it’s source. You can also store scrapped images to another server
  • Crawler/scrapper engine
    This is the key of the automation. Just select which mangas you wish to add to your collection and let the crawler work for you.
  • Powerful and professional admin pages
    WP Manga provides well-designed and well-made admin pages so that the site administrators can manage everything (mangas, chapters, categories, tags, and so on) easily.
  • Active development
    Since WP Manga has been used by 100+ customers. WP Manga will be always keep improved, optimized and flooded with new features to spoil our customers. You can see here for the complete change/update logs of WP Manga
  • Easy setup
    You can easily set up this plugin on your wordpress just by following several steps provided on the Instruction page. For your information, you can simply ask us to set it up for you.
  • Stable, light weight, and Reliable
    WP Manga has been tested very well and has been used by lots of satisfied buyers. There is also an intensive internal caching system and optimized SQL implementation in WP Manga that make WP Manga light weight.
  • Template system
    Template system make you easier to modify/customize the look of mangas and chapters listing, search form, manga reader, widgets and other stuffs provide by WP Manga. With this, you can even have a completely different layout/presentation. Therefore, you can personalize your own manga website.
  • Add-ons/Modules system (Modular)
    WP Manga is a modular and extensible WordPress plugin since it has its own module/add on system. To add new features, you may just purchase and install required modules/add ons. Currently we have ready-to-use and well-made modules to add membership functionality, to enable members to upload and manage their own mangas, to enable automated manga website, to host/upload chapters in several languages, to intergate your WordPress with your VBulletin forum, and many more.
  • Informative interface
    WP Manga provide a very nice layout and user friendly interface. There are also tooltips applied to the listing to have more information
  • Stand Alone
    WP Manga has its own system to show the mangas and other WP Manga pages. WP Manga do not use WordPress posts and Categories. Therefore, you can have all the blogging capability/features to publish articles.
  • Dynamic
    The structure of your website will be dynamic. You can have your own structure of your manga website. You even can have similar structure as Mangafox.com, Mangahere.com. OneManga.com, Mangable.com, Mangathat.com or others.
  • Flexible manga chaptering
    Support non numerical manga chaptering so that you can have chapter like “Extra 01”, “Extra 02”, “Special 01”, etc.
  • Search engines friendly (SEO optimized)
    WP Manga is SEO optimized since it uses optimized valid w3c XHTML codes, auto generated meta tags, and permalink urls(search engine friendly urls). You can even customize the meta descriptions, page title and keywords for evey manga and chapter.
  • Clean code
    WP Manga is very well written and applies good coding structure that makes it stable and maintainable. It consists of several layers to handle the core process, theme system, module/add on system, page, and widgets
  • Active community and supports
    We provide an exclusive community center (forum) for WP Manga customers. You will be able to find useful customizations articles and other articles related to WP Manga. Also, feel free to post your questions related to WP Manga there (we always reply to every query).
  • Feels the power of WordPress
    You can add WordPress plugins (to add banners/ads, integrated forum, contact form, google analytics, cache system, SEO plugins, quote of the day, chat, and lots more) to make your manga website even more contented, powerful, rich-features.

Click here to see complete features of WP Manga

Other Benefits

These are guaranteed benefits for our customers who purchased WP Manga:

  • FREE upgrades/updates: we will improve WP Manga to make it even powerful in the future and our customers will get these updates/upgrades for free (depend on your package)
  • FREE support: just contact us if you have any question, problem, or suggestion regarding WP Manga (depend on your package)
  • We may do some modifications requested by you: we may do these custom requests for free or for extra charges as it will improve WP Manga

Have something to ask?

Feel free to send your question or order request to admin@xhanch.com
You may also visit our WP Manga Forum to post your question or get more information.

Our Offers

We realized the differences in need for each person so that we offer our best offers in several packages/plans. Click the following button/image to view the complete packages/plans

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