JavaScript – Message/Text Scroller

This is a JavaScript to scroll a list of messages or texts to save spaces on your web page. It will show a text one after another from a list which can be displayed in a single DIV or INPUT element. It is best to implement this one for news texts and texts ads.



Click the button to play the scroller

Source Code

        <script language="JavaScript">
            //List your messages here
            var msg = new Array();
            msg[0] = "This is message 1";
            msg[1] = "This is message 2";
            msg[2] = "This is message 3";

            //Here's the function to scroll your messages
            function play(num){
                //Check whether it reach your last message
                //to go back to the first message
                if(num >= msg.length)
                    num = 0;

                //Variable declarations
                var tmp_elm = document.getElementById("div_display");
                var tmp = tmp_elm.innerHTML;
                var tmp_next;

                //Scrolling process
                var random = Math.floor(Math.random() * msg[num].length);
                var tmp_chr = msg[num].charAt(random);
                if(tmp == msg[num]){
                if(tmp_chr == tmp.charAt(random)){

                //Preparing output
                var first_part = tmp.substring(0,random);
                var last_part = tmp.substring(random,msg[num].length);
                var tmp_next = first_part + tmp_chr + last_part;
                tmp_elm.innerHTML = tmp_next;

                //Recall play
    <body onload="play(0);">
        <div id="div_display">SCROLLED MESSAGES</div>

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