Javascript – Game Of Tetris

Tetris is a classical and well-known game. Tetris is discovered in 1984 (in the same era as Mario Bros). So far, tetris has been released over 125 millions copies, tetris presents on all gaming platforms: PC, console, web-based environment, mobile, etc.

It’s possible to embed a tetris game to your website easily. This script will include these features:

  • Original tetris blocks
  • Level systems
  • Keyboard-based input method/navigation
  • Scoring system
  • High scores will be stored on cookies
  • Other complementatry stas (play time, APM, lines)


This script can be run well using Mozilla Firefox (any version), Internet Explorer (any version), Opera and Fast Browser.

Demo Preview

JsTetris 1.1.0

Game Over
Level: 1
Score: 0
Lines: 0
APM: 0
Time: 0
Help x
up – rotate
down – move down
left – move left
right – move right
space – fall to the bottom
n – new game
r – reset

1) Puzzle speed = 80+700/level miliseconds, the smaller value the faster puzzle falls
2) If puzzles created in current level >= 10+level*2 then increase level
3) After puzzle falling score is increased by 1000*level*linesRemoved
4) Each “down” action increases score by 5+level (pressing space counts as multiple down actions)

Highscores x

Note: these scores are kept in cookies, they are only visible to your computer, other players that visit this page see their own scores.

Source Code

Get the script/source code here,471.0.html

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