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Associative array is very useful due to its flexibility and expandability. It can contain any data types and unlimited sub arrays. So far, .NET framework has not provide similar functionality with PHP associative array. Don’t worry, we can still do it in C#.NET by utilizing dictionary. We have to use dictionary to keep the order of array element entry. If we use hashtable, the element order will be messed up. In this article, we will show you how dictionary can support the flexibility and expandability of PHP associative array.

Source Code

Get the script/source code here

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Posted on 2010-02-15 by Susanto BSc in C#.NET Script, Free Script
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2 Responses to “C#.NET Script – Associative Array”

  1. aleroot says:

    This method in the class :
    public static bool IsAssociativeArray(){
    return (this.Item.GetType().ToString().StartsWith(“System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary”));

    Give me an error “Impossible use Keyword this in static method” !

    When i try to do this in my program :

    mp.Item = arr.Item[key];

    Give me an error :
    Cast Missing , Impossible convert object in ‘System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary’.

    Why ?
    Have you try to use this class ??

    • Susanto BSc says:

      This class has been tested for sure since I have used it on some of my projects.
      The error you get does not make sense.
      FYI, this class is built under .NET FX 3.5.
      Perhaps it is caused by incompatible version.

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